Bertrand Lani & The Mudbugs

In a world of disinterested likes and toxic personal branding, Bertrand is real and unique, tortured, angry, the opposite of what he should be doing to be talked about.

If you are looking for authenticity, in the course and in the form, with a background of darkness and tenderness, look for the source where Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, John Prine, Otis Redding drank, you will find Bertrand by train there to quench your thirst. Passion devours him and it shows in all the notes of his band’s new Country Side Album.

Stop for a moment, get out of the matrix, listen to this album. You will love or hate you, but you will not be indifferent.


Mudbugs also go back to the roots of the music they love: country, blues and soul. The musicians bring freshness and modernity to these founding genres. Together, they set the scene and propel the listener on the roads of the southern United States, a region that Bertrand Lani is particularly fond of, and where he wrote the plot of this new record.

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