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Source: Eclipsed Rock magazine Review:

“(…)This fifth longplayer offers an amazing range of styles. Heavy Bluesrock (“Lovers Boogie”), “riffy” Bluesrock (“The River Bed”), a number with a strongly distorted slide guitar, which reminds a bit of Led Zeppelin (“Remedy”), but also quiet acoustic numbers (“A Man For A Day”) and an Americana ballad (“Dreams”) stand out from common schemes without completely denying them. Beautiful album that appears in a six-page digipak and doesn’t “dodge” itself, but always reveals new facets. (…)”

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Fred And The Healers ‎– Hammerbeatmatic

Genre: Blues
Année: 2014


Doyle The Henter 2:40
A Man For A Day 3:44
Roots And Roses 3:27
Burning 2:49
Dreams 4:38
Lovers Boogie 4:08
A.V.D. 3:14
The River Bed 4:09
The Best Thing 3:30
Like A Leaf 2:33
Remedy 3:41
Scratch My Back 2:35
Another Place 2:44
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